For refund refund, the user can apply for 30 days (from the date of receiving the first day), and return all the products that are not used and do not affect the sale again, so as to enjoy the guarantee of the full refund. The refunds will be deducted from VAT 11.9% and related freight (RMB 35 per order per sub order).
If a return is required, the user should submit an electronic application on the UNJIK website within the 30 day application period.
After the application is approved, the UNJIK will arrange for the delivery of the home recovery product once and to the warehouse. The remote area or the user must arrange the return product to the designated place by itself, and the postage is paid. The user is required to undertake any loss and risk arising from all transport processes.
After the product is successfully transported to the warehouse, UNJIK will confirm the quantity and condition of the product and return the corresponding amount within 30 days after the receipt of the product.
A, return products must meet the following three points of return:
(1) ensure that the product is not contaminated;
(2) ensure that the outer packing of the product is intact (including the packing material and the outer packing box).
(3) all items in the order, including parts, instructions, warranty cards, labels, invoices, gifts, should be included and not missing.
Note: the picture and information are for reference only. It is not a quality problem. It may cause a certain color difference between the product picture and the object because of the lighting and the color difference of different displays. All of them are subject to the object.
B, the following will not provide a return service:
(1) any product that does not meet the condition of return.
(2) any products that are not purchased from UNJIK;
(3) any products that have been opened or used;
(4) any product that causes quality problems due to abnormal use and storage;
C, notice of return:
If there are additional gifts, please be returned with gifts, gifts received gifts of the original need to remain intact, such as gifts can not be returned, according to the original online sale price deduction in the refund;
(2) if the freight is due to the quality problem of the product itself, the freight is borne by UNJIK and the freight is responsible for the return of the goods due to personal preferences.
(3) UNJIK will only arrange for the recycling of products on the spot. If users fail to recover due to personal reasons, users need to arrange their own products to the designated locations, and the postage is paid.
All applicants who have applied for return to the group will be treated as the application for the retreat. After the completion of the application, all the rights and obligations of the UNJIK company are also ineffective, and no compensation will be obtained.
Non cash gifts, such as gifts, integral and coupons, are not refunded at the time of return.