Handheld metal detectors are troubleshooting

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In the field of security industry, the application of detectors is becoming more and more popular. When we use handheld metal detectors, there will be more or less problems. Here are some troubleshooting methods for handheld detectors.
Handheld metal detectors are troubleshooting.


Phenomenon 1:
In the failure phenomenon: when the machine is opened 1-2 seconds, the alarm or vibration will not stop.
In the cause analysis, this phenomenon is usually caused by high sensitivity and lack of power. Some users in the use of a period of time, did not notice the battery voltage is lower than the operating voltage, tend to think that more than long as repair fault detector.
In the exclusion method:
In 1, when arrived at boot alarm sensitivity, not to alarm.
In 2, adjustment can not be excluded, replace battery or charge after use.
Note: the low sensitivity and low sensitivity at this time does not affect the detection accuracy.
Phenomenon two:
Fault phenomenon: a vibration detector, sometimes the buzzer works normally, and the vibration motor cannot stop when it moves to the vibration.
Cause analysis: this kind of phenomenon usually occurs when the user does not notice that the voltage is falling after a period of time. Because the motor consumes more power than the buzzer, the voltage can only ensure that the buzzer works well.
Exclusion methods:
1. In the case of vibration, the sensitivity is lowered.
2. Replace a new battery or recharge after recharging.
Note: the low sensitivity and low sensitivity at this time does not affect the detection accuracy.
Phenomenon three:
Failure phenomenon: the start of the red light, also do not alarm, nor vibration.
Cause analysis: in this case, the detector usually stops for a period of time, forget to remove the battery, the battery is slow to discharge for a long time.
Exclusion methods:
1, as long as a new battery is replaced.
2, pay attention to whether the battery box is contaminated by the leakage of the battery, such as the pollution should be cleaned in time, otherwise the battery buckle or circuit board will be corroded and damaged.
3. Clean with pure alcohol or special electronic cleaning agent.
Phenomenon four:
Failure phenomenon: after the start of the detection of anything to alarm or slight sloshing also alarm.
Reason analysis: generally, it is because the sensitivity is too high, or in the high sensitivity detection of fine metal, no timely adjustment to the original position to the original.
Elimination method: 1, as long as the sensitivity can be lowered.
Phenomenon five:
Failure phenomenon: when the machine opens, it is normal, sometimes it is not normal, a moment will alarm, and there is no reflection for a moment.
Cause analysis: generally, when the battery is installed, the battery does not press the battery buckle or press one, the other is in contact with the untouched time. There are also a few battery buckles that do not coincide with the battery, and there is a relatively loose contact.
Exclusion methods:
1, open the battery box and press it again.
2, the battery is loosely buckled, as long as the clamp can be clamped gently.
3, if the battery buckle is not elastic or damaged, it can be replaced. Note + polarity replacement.
Phenomenon six:
Fault phenomenon: GC-1001 is more special, boot or ringing phenomenon occurs later.
Cause analysis: the detector does not need to be adjusted, and the switch is also special: the forward is highly sensitive, backward (not locked) is low sensitivity, and the middle is closed.
Troubleshooting: howling, as long as the central detector positive according to the following elliptic button "RESET" reset button can be ruled out.
Phenomenon seven:
Failure phenomenon: the location of various types of sensitivity regulating holes and how to adjust the sensitivity.
Cause analysis:
1, the adjustment hole of MD-8 is at the front end of the battery cover on the back of the detector, and a small yellow screw in a small hole.
2. All of them are: improve the sensitivity clockwise and reduce the sensitivity against clockwise.
3, MD-8I only need to adjust the micro screwdriver, in direct hand in external regulation.